Tentang Hati Kering

  • Seorang perempuan
  • Single (sehingga diberitahu mengenai perubahan status)
  • Bekerja di salah sebuah kedai buku (juga sehingga diberitahu perkembangan semasa)
  • Berusia 21 tahun (tarikh lahir 5 Disember. Hadiah dialu-alukan)

Pengenalan mengenai blog ini :

For the words I cant tell people or post it on Facebook/Twitter/WeChat, I spill everything here. I tell Allah too. But I need to keep everything so I wont forgot those thing that hurt me and keep updating it here. There is some few things I cant speak in form of words and if ever do speak about it, it will hurt me or those who listening to it. That is why this blog exist.

At first, this blog is just for fun and my kind of journal. But as I grew up day by day, I learnt so much in life that I cant even keep it just for myself. If its not for others, it will be just for me in the future. 

So to my silent reader here, I don't really need your comments actually. (As I realized there's some comments in some of my post before this and I don't even know it.) Just for your additional reading topics but not to involve in it. I appreciate your effort for reading here. Thank you so much. 

Not gonna post here daily. Will randomly post about everything. Dont wait for me. Haha. 


Your sincerely, 



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